November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving - FREE DOWNLOAD!

As we approach another Thanksgiving there is so much for me to be thankful for. But this year I think I will focus most on the amazing woman I found and the wonderful wedding we are planning together. Although it is very tiring I know it will be worth it!

Here is a FREE DOWNLOAD for a song I wrote called "Set The Date". It's a catchy tune for couples ready to jump into a life together. I hope you can find many things you are thankful for this Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful holiday weekend and be safe!

November 6, 2013

How To Gain Musical Success

All you musicians out there, take a look at this article! Very, very interesting tips and techniques to help bring success to your music career. In fact, this blog post could probably relate to many professions.

The title of the post is "Defining Success, And How To Achieve It In Your Music Career". I hope you find this article useful. I love reading these types of articles, it always helps to put things into perspective.