January 31, 2013

Tim Angsten - The Fire In Youth's February Featured Artist

My friend, Timothy Blaze, has made me one of February's featured artists on his website. Tim is the founder of "The Fire In Youth" and is also an amazing artist. It is so great to have people like Tim in the community. His willingness to bring Austin artists together is wonderful and I truly thank him for it.

Please support a great movement and check out not only my section, but also all of the other amazing artists. "The Fire In Youth" is a cool site, with some of the most amazing artwork, photography, poetry and music you've never seen or heard.

It is refreshing to know that there are still youth in the world that put down the video games and T.V remotes and instead create beautiful things. That's why I asked Timothy Blaze to spotlight the video below. If you are one of the inspiring people I'm talking about, please check out the video below and wake yourself up to the info war...

Tim Angsten Music Store

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